Minors hit the big-time

So I’m glancing at the Sunday New York Times…with two small children, glancing is all I get to every week these days. I like to look at the Times Magazine cover story and think, "Oh, here’s a thought-provoking story I won’t get a chance to read." And what do I see? A picture of the A’s Steve Stanley and the Royals’ Mark Teahen!

What are they doing there? Michael Lewis, he of "Moneyball" fame, penned an outstanding article on the pressures of Minor Leaguers to become power hitters, even when it doesn’t suit their game. And pressure comes in many forms, from changing hitting approaches and stances to taking steroids. It’s a must read for anyone into the Minors.

I followed up by having Teahen on Around the Minors on MLB Radio on Tuesday. In case you  missed it, you can listen to it right here.

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