ATM Blog Prospect of the Month

I’ve got several nominees on who could be the first ATMBPOTM (which, ironically, translates to "white-hot Minor League player" in Martian). Need your help, though. Those who come across this, please vote via the comments. And I only deal in real prospects. The old guys down on the farm don’t do it for me. And if you think I missed someone, then go start your own Blog.

The nominees are (and remember, everyone is a winner in ATMBPOTM):

Matt Cain, RHP, Fresno. Dude pitched a one-hitter and carried a no-no into the 8th in his last start. Finished with 10 K’s in 7.1 IP. He’s allowed just 10 hits and whiffed 29 in 25 innings and change this year.

Justin Verlander, RHP, Lakeland. So much for the command problems. He’s got 30 K’s and 5 walks in 23 IP. The FSL is hitting a buck 79 against him. He’s hit double-digits in strikeouts in his last two starts. A trip to Erie by the end of May sounds about right.

Brian Bannister, RHP, Binghamton. Not the overpowering strikeout guy like the other two, but he’s got a 0.33 ERA and four wins. He just was voted "most likely to get traded" by the Yearbook Committee.

Matt Murton, OF, West Tennessee. His .442 average leads the Minors. And he was the "throw-in" to the Cubs with that Nomar guy. Anybody who starts off the year with a 15-game hitting streak deserves some attention.

Howie Kendrick, 2B, Rancho Cucamonga. I didn’t nominate him just so I could say Cucamonga. He’s hitting .402 and had a 15-game hit streak of his own and he leads the minors in hits and runs scored.

Brett Harper, 1B, St. Lucie. Anyone can hit homers in the California League or the PCL (think Colorado Springs, Las Vegas). But in the FSL? That’s a pitcher’s haven, right? Harper doesn’t think so. He’s gone yard 9 times this month while driving in 22 runs.


I gotta go with Bannister. He’s lights out right now and throwing even better than his much more well-known teammate, Yusmerio Petit.

While Verlander and Cain have both been great, Bannister comes sans hype, so it’s especially refreshing to see him burst onto the scene.

I’ll go with Kendrick. He’s been awesome so far, and hit two more homers yesterday. With Brandon Wood, the Quakes have the best middle infield combo in the minors.

Cain has to be my choice. He came into ’05 all-hope, all-hype. And he’s been better than advertised. 10 hits and 29 Ks in 25 innings? Are you kidding? Cain could successfully make the jump now to SF right now — and he may need to in the near future. He has plus-plus stuff and a very bright future.

Can I go off the board, ala the great game show “Joker’s Wild”? I vote for the newly promoted, newly minted Yankees 2B, Robinson Cano.

I too am going to have a write in. I sat Matt Mosses not only is white hot, but the twins need to move this guy to the next level.

My choice is Felix Pie. He will be in Chicago by september. Breet Harper appears to be the second comming of Alan Zinter.

I’ll have to go with Chris Snelling….hitting .422 with a .678 SLG. He’s still only 23.

I would have to go with Chris Lambert. The kid is just amazing. He’s 5-0 in high single A during his first full year. My other top prospects would have to be Adam Wainwright and Anthony Reyes.

Jeez, are you a Cardinals fan, by any chance, Bleedblue?

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