Can we have some consensus here?

OK, I’ve received seven votes for ATMBPOTM…for seven different players. So I guess it’s a seven-way tie…We’ll try again with a new batch at the end of May.

All you draft fans, keep an eye out…we should be launching the draft section soon, complete with a first-round projection. I’ll throw up some links when it’s ready. Stay tuned!


Where is Brandon Timm playing now? He was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in last years Draft. I have searched everywhere for his name on a roster and can not find it anywhere. He is from my home town. What gives? Thanks for any info.

Timm played in the GCL last summer after being taken in the 9th round. As a high-school OF who got 125 GCL at-bats last year, my best guess is that he’ll head to the short-season NY-Penn League. His name may not appear on a roster yet because those team rosters are set yet. Timm’s probably in Extended Spring Training as we speak preparing for the NY-P season.

Jonathan is correct. Extended S/T season ends the end of this month. He’ll be off for a week, then will head for NY, playing with the Oneonta Tigers.

What ever became of Josh Hamilton?

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