Geeking on the Draft

I hope everyone got a chance to listen to the radio show on Tuesday. We had not one, not two, but three draft prospects on. It coincided with the launch of Draft Central. On the show, we had Wichita State’s Mike Pelfrey, Texas high school pitcher Kyle Hancock and California prep shortstop Justin Sellers, who came on his dad, former big league pitcher Jeff Sellers, who pitched for four years with the Boston Red Sox. Feel free to listen to the entire show. The more clicks, the better I look!

Stay tuned for more draft stuff coming your way — there could be a Draft blog in the future…

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Justin and Jeff Sellers were absolutely hysterical. The two of them played off of each other as if they’d done interviews, or sketch routines, together for years.

Justin is clearly a very confident young man.

On general note, I am continually struck my the poise and composure of these young athletes. All three handled themselves very well. It’s clearly an artform learned by expectional athletes at a young age, and by the time they’re 18 (and then into college), national media doesn’t seem to be a problem for many of them.

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