Greetings from Tennessee

Hey everyone, it’s Kevin Czerwinski here. I wanted to share some thoughts about my recently completed trip to Tennessee with you.

Nashville remains oneWelcomeshot of my favorite cities to visit and a trip down south to see the Sounds allowed me the chance to hear some good country music, eat some great food and see some of the top-flight talent Milwaukee has on its Triple-A affiliate. Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks Weeks_1 proved to be fun to watch, especially seeing Weeks (pictured) hit a laser out of Greer Stadium against Tucson. The Sidewinders were no slouches either with Carlos Quentin and Conor Jackson wielding hot bats as well.

Greer is not exactly a sparkling venue. It’s a bit old and isn’t in the nicest part of town but it does have atmosphere and a big blue guitar scoreboard.

And, when the Sounds aren’t playing, there is plenty to do in Nashville. The Opryland Hotel is an adventure unto itself. There is also the Grand Ole Opry, Opry_2 The Ryman Auditorium and a host of small bars and clubs where you can get your fill of country music. And make sure you hit Jack’s for some good ribs.

Drive two hours down I-24 and check out Chattanooga if you get the chance as well. It’s an easy, scenic drive and you can stop at Rock City or Ruby Falls on the way. Both are well worth the time. Chattanooga itself is a fun little city. The part of town down by the Tennessee River is undergoing a rebirth and its full of life with shops and restaurants.

Then head over to BellSouth Park and check out the Lookouts, who feature Richie Gardner, one of Cincinnati’s top pitching prospects.

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Yeah, Chattanooga is nice. The Tennessee Aquarium is about a stone’s throw from BellSouth Park, too.

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