Where is Zebulon?

That’s where I am right now…it’s not far from Raleigh, if that means anything to you. It’s also the home of the Carolina Mudcats. Had Scott Olsen on radio this afternoon. Very honest young fellow. Quite a promising left arm to boot. Keep an eye on him…

Five_county There’s really nothing to do whatsoever around the ballpark, though I hear there’s quite a deal at the local Subway after 4 p.m…the proximity to Raleigh-Durham is the saving grace for players and fans alike looking for something do after the game.

Speaking of Durham, a good time was had by all at last night’s game. Zach Duke was dominant…again, and it’s a nice place to watch a game. The bull (you know, from the movie "Bull Durham" is still there, even though this is a newer park. It’s atop a giant left field fence, a Blue Monster, if you will. I always knew it said "Hit Bull Win Steak," but learned that it also reads, "Hit Grass Win Salad." You learn something new every day.

Conway, S.C. is next for the Big South Conference Tourny. No rest for the weary…Talk to y’all (local lingo) tomorrow.


The stadium is rather out there but that just means less city type traffic and to be honest I have never in all the years going out and now just about everynight since I have season tickets did I not want to take the trip out there. Olsen is a great pitcher we have on board this year.

I have been really impressed with Dennis Anderson this season. It seems he worked hard on the off season and is not only batting incredibly well but also a good catcher.

Eric Reed is another amazing player who is one of the fastest players I have seen ina long time. With a run time of 3.8 seconds from home to first, I beleive, he is definatly a great batter and even more fun to watch in the outfield running down a ball.

I come from the Philadelphia PA suburbs and have been to Zebulan Once.I like the way its away from the hustle and bustle of a city.
When i found the location of the park,they told me there were no Motels in Zebulan.So i had the choice of going West to Raliegh or East to Wilson,I choose to go to Wilson because it was right at I-95 and the motel prices were considerby cheaper.

I chose well because as it worked out there was a lot of inexpensive eateries nearby

Silly HUMANS! Zebulan is in the Outer Rim territories! It’s east of Rygel 7 and Seti Alpha 5.

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