Delaware Detour

We interrupt Jonathan Mayo’s sweep through the Carolinas to bring you Kevin Czerwinski’s update from Delaware:

As I am driving around Wilmington, I can’t help but think of an episode of the television show Taxi, during which Alex and Jim get all worked up about the Delaware State Senate arguing about whether or not residents should be called Delawarians. I’m showing my age and my somewhat slavish devotion to pop culture as I write this but I do have a point. I liked Taxi, who couldn’t like Christopher Lloyd’s character, and I like Delaware.

The folksy feel around Frawley Stadium and the care the staff at the park put into making it a special place is obvious from the minute you walk in. Everyone is friendly and attentive and there seems to be a great deal of pride in how Blue Rocks baseball is presented. And that’s only natural since Wilmington has been a dominant force in the Carolina League for the better part of a decade. The Blue Rocks led the Carolina League in attendance for the seventh consecutive season last year, drawing 320,788 fans. They’re closing in on 100,000 fans already and being affiliated with the Boston Red Sox for the first time is only aiding the cause.

Frawley_1 The park itself is nestled between I-95 and the waterfront, an area, like the ever-popular "downtown", seems to be popping up in almost every small city. Like many other cities, the riverfront here is undergoing a revitalization project with restaurants, an outlet mall and a convention center joining Frawley Stadium as the local attractions.

The seats are close to the field, giving an intimate feel. And the local knowledge of baseball is obvious as well. Robin Roberts’ #36 hangs immortalized in right center field while former Blue Rock Mike Sweeney has his #33 jersey hanging in center. The press box also sports pictures of former Wilmington stars, Carlos Beltran, Jon Lieber, Glendon Rusch, Michael Tucker and Johnny Damon.

And, if you feel like driving, there’s a huge mall not too far from the park and a harness track with slots, if you’re so inclined.


Wilmington has been the class of the Carolina league since day one.
But they made ONE Huge mistake in 2005

they dumped KC and signed with Boston as their affiliate.

Boston has ALWAYS had a horrible minor league system.Both Trenton and Reading have used Boston as an affiliate and saw their Worst days under the Sox

New Britain,Portland,Lynchburg have also stunk under them.Lets hope that after 2006 ends that Wilmington finds another MLB team.

Maybe the ORIOLES will move Bowie to AAA to replace Ottawa and grab Wilmington as a AA affiliate,then the eastern league could re-align into 3 divisions…….NORTH-Portland,New Hampshire,New Britain,Norwich WEST-Binghamton,Erie,Altoona,Akron

CENTRAL-Wilmington,Trenton,Reading Harrisburg

hate to say this but…….thoughts?

I think Wilmington has shown over the years that the fans will come out. A double A franchise-especially from Baltimore or Philadelphia -would draw large crowds and may even set an attendence record.

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