Carolina on my mind

So, I’m sitting at home, stuffing my face with Memorial Day barbeque, when it hits me I never posted following my last stop on the tour of the Carolinas: Kinston.

Kinston struck me, for the brief time I was there, as a sleepy town, one that’d you’d expect in the middle of fairly rural North Carolina. The person behind the desk at the hotel there (the Hampton Inn is where the visiting teams stay) suggested a Chinese restaurant for lunch, but maybe it’s an incorrect bias on my part, but I just don’t trust Chinese food in rural North Carolina (or anywhere North Carolina, truth be told).

But I digress…the ballpark — Grainger Stadium — was exactly what you’d expect and want from a Carolina League park. Ads adorning the walls, fairly symmetrical. Built in 1949, you could just feel the history within its walls.

The best part of the evening was a mascot — not the usual Kinston mascot, which, oddly, is a dog. This was a creature called Bird-zerk, on loan from a local TV station. First, he did a dance routine with Winston-Salem third baseman Leo Daigle which ended with Bird-zerk taking Daigle’s glove and throwing it over the outfield fence.

But then the bird-like creature outdid himself, doing a clearly rehearsed number with the base umpire, Corey Blaser. At first, Blaser refused to dance, but then warmed to the idea and they ended in sync with some pretty nice moves. By far the best shtick I’ve seen in a while.

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i too have been to kinston……..try Kings Buffet for dinner,its great food.I had a weird thing happen there.I had to leave Kinston for my next city pretty early the morning after a game i went to.The game started(vs winston salem) with a rain delay,it ended in extra innings.I elected to leave after the 11th,so i could get some sleep.The next morning at the breakfast buffet,I asked an employee there if he heard who won the game.He directed me Towards a Winston-Salem Player also at the buffet selecting his food.The Player told me the Winston Salem Warthogs Won the game 7-3 in 12 innings(I left after 11)I asked How the Warthogs scored the 4 12th inning runs,it was a walk,a single,a single,then the Player I was ASKING ………..hit a Grand Slam.
talk about good timing…….

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