Leaving my heart in Frisco

Texas, that is, site of the 2005 Texas League All-Star Game. We taped "Around the Minors," set to air on Tuesday, 2-3 p.m. ET from the FanFest the night before the TL’s midsummer classic. A good time was had by all, from kids getting balloon animals from guys on stilts, to everyone rubbing elbows with the stars of tomorrow being honored today (hey, that’s a catchy marketing slogan if ever I saw one).

Be sure to check out the show, and the site, for these interviews. I had a chance to chat with players Mike Napoli, Travis Hanson, Jason Hirsh and Jeremy Brown, as well as Texas League president Tom Kayser and Frisco’s president and GM Mike McCall. A bunch will be on the show, all will be on the site, so be sure to check out MiLB.com for all of our Texas League coverage. I’ll be back tomorrow with a report on the ballpark here in Frisco.


Dude, who cares? No offence! Anyway, Rickey Henderson was left talking to himself throughout the entire series between the real San Diego team and the Fullerton Flyers team. Go to http://www.fullertonflyers.com for more!

Thanks for covering the game, we fans of affilated minor league ball care!

I’ve got a question while your at it, perhaps you’ll know the answer to why only the West All-Stars were availible for signings, only one East player signed and that was Travis Hanson (a class act if I’ve ever met one!) Thanks.

I’m guessing you mean at the FanFest and I’m guessig you just didn’t get to where some of the other players were. I assure you, there were plenty of East All-Stars signing over where I was doing the radio show from, in the back of the room. Sorry you missed them…and thanks for speaking up.

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