Deep in the heart of Texas

It’s true, everything is big in Texas. From the FanFest to the game, Frisco did a big-league job hosting the Texas League All-Star Game.

Even the home run derby was entertaining, with the oddity of having the finals during the game. It seemed a bit odd when I first heard about it, but taking a break in the third to watch Andre Ethier win the title (and later the game MVP as well) was fun.

And boy is there some talent in this league. Pitching dominated the game, but there were some unreal defensive gems. Erick Aybar, Angels fans should know, made two spectacular plays and I’m told by TL regulars that what he did in this game was not unique. The ballpark is beautiful; my favorite little items were these plaques with a baseball/Teddy Roosevelt head (Roughriders, get it?). Unfortunately, they didn’t sell anything with that logo in the shop.

Good eats to be had, too. If you’re ever there, check out Tres Merides — food from Mexico, Spain and Venezuela, all which have a city called Merides in it.

That’s it from Frisco. Next stop, relieving Kevin C. in Omaha…


Midland rockhounds coach Von Hayes just released two relief pitchers (good guys and pitchers) to make room for two guys suspended for steroid use to come back on the team. Maybe if the two that got released would have used drugs they might not have got suspended. this world is getting crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question about going to the majors?

Who’s going next? Who are the prospects? Specifically, I’m wondering when Brian Gordon or Luke Allen is going?

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