Kevin C. a Pioneer (League)

I have been looking forward to taking this trip to Salt Lake City for a few weeks now and my first day here hasn’t been a disappointment. When I booked the trip I didn’t realize it was frowned upon to play baseball here on Sunday so I found myself with a free day, looking for something to blog about. Rest assured, I found it.

Since just about everything is closed in this city on Sunday, the concierge at the hotel suggested a 20-minute ride east through some stunning mountains to Park City, where many of the Winter Olympic events were held. So I hopped into my rent-a-car [The rental company screwed up my reservation so I got a Cadillac Deville instead of my Ford Taurus and I thoroughly enjoyed driving my pimp mobile] and headed East. What stunning vistas. I felt like I was in a John Ford western or walking into an Ansel Adams print. I can’t say enough about how remarkable the scenery was.

Upon reaching Park City, I was thrilled to find that it was a cool village, sort of a mix of Alpine and old west, with shops, some terrific restaurants and great art galleries. I bought the requisite amount of “el touristo” t-shirts and saw some great prints that I would have looked great in my home office. But the thought of my wife’s head exploding when I told her I dropped $3,500 on a painting just wasn’t worth the joy I’d get from looking at it every day.

Bobsled After Park City I went to the Olympic Village and this was very cool. I got to ride the bobsled and let me tell you, it was physical. Rocketing down that course at 70 miles an hour, taking turns at four Gs and defying gravity was something else. The whole thing lasted only 59 seconds but it was thrilling and something I’ll never forget.

Nor will I forget zip-lining down the a mountain, my next adventure at the village. The ski jump used during the Olympics isn’t used during the summer months so you get to ride the lift to the top of the mountain where they strap you into a seated harness and let you go, rocketing down the mountain at ridiculous speeds, several hundred feet off the ground and with the wind blowing you every which way. What a thrill.

I’m here to see some good Minor League baseball – I’ll be traveling to Ogden and Orem and staying here in Salt Lake City this week. I’m looking forward to that but if you’re ever out here for the baseball, you’ll find there’s so much more. In fact, depending on how the week goes, Salt Lake City may bump San Diego and Denver off my favorite cities to visit for baseball list. Nothing still tops Montreal but this looks like it will comes close.

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