Utah on my mind

Well, a few more days in Utah haven’t done much to change my feelings about how I feel about it here. The mountains are incredible, point that is driven home when you go to Ogden or Orem to watch the Raptors or the Owlz play. While both have spectacular views of the mountains, the view at Lindquist Stadium in Ogden gets the nod by a hair. The mountains fill the entire landscape behind the center field fence. A pair of cathedrals sit between the park and the mountain, and that only adds to the ambiance. The view from Home of the Owlz Stadium is also spectacular but the view of the mountains trails off behind the stands along the left field line. The view in right center and right field is that of a highway and it detracts somewhat from the experience.
Still, both venues are wonderful places to visit. There is plenty to see and do around the parks, whether you’re looking for something natural or man-made. You don’t really mind driving anywhere here simply because the views are so majestic and there really isn’t any traffic to speak of, at least not the kind of traffic I see every day in New York.
When I was driving home from Orem Tuesday night there was a spectacular lightning storm up in the mountains and you could see these magnificent bolts streaming across the sky. It was quite impressive.
Oh, and I’ve got to see some baseball, too, and meet some great folks. Read all about them on MiLB.com.

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