All she wrote in Tennessee

Every once in a while, the team with the most talent does win. This was one of those cases as the fully loaded Jacksonville Suns took the Southern League championship in four games. Kudos to the Diamond Jaxx for battling throughout (and for having one of the cooler logos in the Minors), but they just couldn’t come up with the big hit when they needed it, scoring just 3 runs in the final 3 games. The Suns didn’t exactly pound the ball, with the exception of the eight-run outburst in Game 3, but some of their phenoms came up with some big base knocks in the finale. Just so they don’t think too highly of themselves, they still face a 13-hour bus ride back to Jacksonville tonight.

The Diamond Jaxx fans who did show up were very supportive, even raucous at the end. Too bad there were only 650 or so of them here for the game. I don’t know what the future of baseball will be in Jackson, Tenn, but I’d have to say it’s Tenn-uous, at best (get it?).

But I digress. Maybe some readers from the South can tell me what the fascination is with fried bologna here. That’s what they served here in the press box for lunch. Frankly, I haven’t had bologna of any sort since I was nine, and the thought of frying it before eating it sent me straight for an EKG. But the server swore it was very good and one of the press box contingent said his five-year old daughter loves the stuff. BUT SHE’S FIVE.

It lead one of the broadcasters here to eat a fixins sandwich — bread, lettuce, pickles, tomato — that’s it. I added cheese to that combination, taking me back to third grade when cheese on wonder bread was a good thing. I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure Elvis came in for some of the delicacy of the day. Then, of course, he left the buiding. Thankyaverymuch.

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This section of this site has been very disapointing this year. Judging by the number of comments I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking.

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