ATM goes AFL

Hey everyone. We’re back. And from now until just before Thanksgiving, this blog is going to be all-AFL, all the time. So be sure to check us out again as we go behind the scenes and give cutting edge analysis — well, analysis — on what’s going on in the elite Fall League.

And so far, what’s going on is offense…Take a look at the league leaders. Fourteen players are hitting over .400 or higher so far. Six players have more than one homer. Ten players have slugging percentages .800 or better. I know, it’s only four games in, but jeez. Suffice it to say the league batting average of .292, set last year, is in serious jeopardy.  So far, AFL hitters are off to a .311 start.

The flip side, of course, is the league ERA. Last year’s 5.32 mark is the worst in the league 13-year history. So far in 2005: 7.12. We’ll continue to track both numbers as the sample size gets bigger.

TAflhe other number that looks to get bigger is the win total for the Scottsdale Scorpions. I know it’s early, but it’s hard to see any AFL team matching the Scorpions’ talent.

More as the league unfolds…


Just got back from Surprise Stadium – 16-1 Surprise in the 5th inning, 3 HR’s for Brandon Wood…. great looking team, wonderful stadium, so much fun – but NO ONE SHOWS UP FOR THE GAMES. I would love to have one of the teams stay in Surprise but with no fans, no chance!

No one shows up at any of the parks on weekday day games. How about more night games, games on Sunday again (there used to be double headers every Sunday) and take Mondays off? Or do they not care if anyone shows up?

The booblehead and autographed baseball promos used to work good as well as long as the game was played when people don’t have to work and kids are out of school.

No one shows up for Diamondback weekday games either (compared to their regular crowds). Basic marketing.

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