How much Wood would a Brandon Wood

Man, oh man. Maybe the Angels should try to find a way to bring Brandon Wood up to the big leagues for the ALCS. Four homers on Monday. Are you kidding me? WoodThat gives him seven in five games, along with 15 RBIs. He’s done all of this — including a 1.348 slugging percentage — in just 23 at-bats. The AFL record for homers in a season is 12, set by Tagg Bozied in 2002. Think that’s safe? Wood is just one homer away from tying the mark that led  the AFL last year and he’s almost half-way to the 2004 RBI total.

Meanwhile, his Scottsdale Scorpions continue to look unbeatable. Another 20 runs gives them a 66-15 run differential in their 5-0 start. That looks more like one of those college football scores when Florida State plays St. Mary’s School of the Blind to pad their schedule, doesn’t it? Thirteen total AFL players are over .400 — seven of them are Scorpions. That doesn’t include Michael Bourn, who was hitting ninth in that lineup on Monday, but is hitting .385. They’re hitting .400 and slugging .685 as a club while also leading the league in ERA at 2.00.

As promised, an update on the overall totals of the league:

All-time batting average record: .292 (2004)
2005 average: .312

All-time worst ERA: 5.32 (2004)
2005 ERA: 6.91


For the record, it’s the Surprise Scorpions, not the Scottsdale Scorpions.

Oops, good catch, Michael. Old habits die hard. Oddly, in an upcoming AFL audio report (coming soon), I play off the name Surprise, so you think I’d know better.

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