Kevin C. brings rain out west

Gee, you would think if there was any place in this country I could get away from the rain it would be Arizona. After spending the last week and a half getting waterlogged in New York, the idea of coming out to the fun and sun of the Arizona Fall League couldn’t have been have been more appealing. But what happens when I get off the plane Monday afternoon — it starts to rain.

And if that isn’t bad enough, the rain continued Tuesday morning and on into the afternoon. It was enough to cancel the game here in Surprise, much to my surprise. Who ever heard of rainouts in the desert? Sand storms, yeah. But rain? Go figure. The sun is peeking in and out of the clouds as I type this blog but the forecast is calling for thunderstorms and hale throughout the afternoon.

There are still some large puddles on the infield here, so it’s probably a good thing that they didn’t try to get this one started. No sense in anyone getting hurt because they tried to get in a game on a wet surface. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather and I’ll actually get to see some baseball.

The players did some work in the batting cages this morning and a few even braved the raindrops to play catch in the outfield. Otherwise the day, unexpectedly, was a wash. Here’s to hoping for drier weather tomorrow.  — Kevin Czerwinski

All-time batting average record: .292 (2004)
2005 average: .314

All-time worst ERA: 5.32 (2004)
2005 ERA: 6.30

All-time homers: 243 (1997)
2005 homers: 83 (on pace for 241)

Note on homers: The record for homers per game is 1.82, set in 2001. This year, balls are going out at the rate of 2.52 per game.

All-time runs per game: 12.07 (2004)
2005 RPG: 14.12

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The rainout threw my whole day off. No playoff action tonight. No 4 pm AFL. All around bad day.


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