A real slam Duncan

Everyone knew it was just a matter of time. Eventually, Eric Duncan was going to move from third, what with that big A-Rod sized obstacle in New York and all.

He’d worked out there in the spring, but never actually played a single inning there all year (a typo in a Trenton boxscore late in the year had some hearts a flutter, but it turned out that Minor League vet Shelley Duncan, not Eric, played first. Amazing what an ‘E’ instead of an ‘S’ can do.).

Then, quietly, it happened. On Oct. 7, Duncan played first for the Grand Canyon Rafters. He’s done it twice more, including yesterday (the 18th). The pressures of a new position don’t seem to be bothering him any: Duncan’s gone 8-for-13 (.615)as a first baseman and .367 (with all five of his homers) at the hot corner. Not that fielding percentage is a true measure, but Duncan hasn’t made an error in three games (that’s 1.000 if you’re scoring at home) and has recorded 22 putouts. Assuming all goes smoothly and he continues to rake like that, it’s not inconceivable that he sees Yankee Stadium a little sooner than originally anticipated.

Elsewhere on the position switch front, things seem to be going well for Adam Jones. The one-time Mariners shortstop prospect is playing center field for the Javelinas and it’s so far, so good. One M’s official who was recently in Arizona saw him for a couple of games and thought he looked good.

"We knew he runs well and throws well," he said. "From what I’ve seen, he’s taken to the position. And from what other people who have seen him more than I did, have told me, he’s doing really well out there. "

So fantasy nuts, take note. We have the makings of a new first baseman and center fielder out in the desert.

There was only one game last night, so I’ll wait to update the league-wide stats until tomorrow (though the game, a 3-0 pitching duel, would bring everything down some).


You know i am a huge fan of Eric’s one because he is my cousin, but 2 i have been keeping track of him and i am yet to find a coach or a player or a manager to say one negative thing, he is a hard worker and a great player and i can’t wait to see him at yankee stadium in the near future.

Well, having watched him all season and broadcast his games, he is a great kid and everyone should expect great things from him in the future.

And even though he is having a great season in Arizona, it wouldn’t surprise me if he started ’06 in Trenton.

With Eric, Steven White and a couple of other pieces, look for Trenton to be an early favorite in the Eastern League.

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