Just one more to go

Hard to believe today was the last day of the AFL regular season. We headed out to Peoria again to catch another glimpse of the Surprise Scorpions before the championship game against Phoenix on Saturday. I’ve got to tell you, I think they’re going to be very hard to beat. Not that the Desert Dogs are slouches at all. They do have the best record in the league… It’s hard to put my finger on it. The Scorpions just looked so loose, relaxed, like they had been playing together all season. They’re the first team we’ve seen take batting practice in two days. Everyone here is understandably fatigued, but Surprise looked like they had something left in the tank. One player said he thought they had been re-energized with the thought of playing for the upcoming championship. I’d look for a pretty high-scoring affair, but it may come down to which starter — Jamie Shields or Brian Bass — who can limit the damage the most.

On another note, we spent the morning in Peoria shooting the first of what I hope is an annual MiLB.com Minor League Awards Show. We took a look at the top performers and performances across the Minor Leagues in 2005. We’ve got interviews, we’ve got highlights, we’ve got my big, bald head on screen. What else could you ask for? Look for the Awards Show to air on MiLB.com early next week, possibly Tuesday afternoon before the Olympic Qualifying game.

I’ll have the final league-wide stats for you guys tomorrow (don’t forget about "Around the Minors" on MLB Radio on Friday, 2-4 ET).

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