Getting ready in the Burgh

Here we go…

It’s hard not to get caught up in Steelers fever here in my hometown of Pittsburgh. And if you listened to my show on MLB Radio today, I mixed in some baseball with the Steelers hysteria (forgive my singing in the open). We had three prospects with Pittsburgh ties on the program: Neil Walker (Pirates), Kevin Slowey (Twins) and Josh Wilson (Rockies). I could’ve gone on — Donnie Kelly (Tigers), Ben Copeland (Giants) — who knew so many baseball players came from this area?

And that’s not all. We’ve got a veritable who’s who of scouting executives from the Burgh — Jack Zdurencik (Brewers), John Mirabelli (Indians), Jack Bowen (Pirates) — just to name a few.

So just don’t think football when you think about the Iron City…mmmm, Iron City. Think baseball as well — especially with the All-Star Game coming in July.

Oh, and a prediction: Big Ben says "Thin air? What thin air?" Steelers 24, Broncos 14


What’s your opinion on the Cardinals prospect Anthony Reyes? I definetly think he has so much potential. I mean in his debut he started the game and picked up the win.

Kit-cat —

If that is your real name…I’m a big fan of Reyes. I think he has a big future ahead of him. And I can’t think of a better way for a young pitcher to start things off than at the back end of that rotation with that lineup behind him. He’s had a few injuries here and there, so skipping a turn every once in a while or getting pushed back — as No. 5 guys have happen from time to time — is a good thing. I think he might be the best No. 5 starter in baseball in 2006, and that will prepare him for eventually being a very good No. 2 or 3 starter for the rest of his career.

This Sunday, baseball is a second thought. It’s always there but when my Steelers are playing, they have my full attention.

Go Steelers!


Bob —

Can’t say I blame you — Baseball is usually my first thought (for obvious reasons), but even I will give my undivided attention to the black & gold this Sunday. And I’ve only been living in the Burgh for less than 5 years!

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