Sim league extravaganza

2006draftI know one of the worst things to do is talk about your own fantasy team, but this isn’t exactly like that.

On Saturday, I participated in one of the nuttiest drafts of any kind of league I’ve ever been a part of. It’s a Sim League known as the Mid-West Baseball League. I’m new in this league and inherited a big mess of a team, so I’m rebuilding big-time. There are 24 teams in this thing, so you can only imagine how deep it is.

But that’s what enticed me to join. I’ve never been a part of a league — not even LABR — that required such a firm grasp of prospects. It’s not just those who are rebuilding. Every owner drafts a ton of prospects and it even goes as deep as likely high picks in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft. You have to love a league where Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the first overall pick, no? Here’s how the first round went (my picks are in bold — I made trades so I had three first-rounders):

1. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C, Braves
2. Felix Pie, OF, Cubs
3. Gio Gonzalez, LHP, Phillies
4. Bill Hall, INF, Brewers
5. Chris Young, OF, Diamondbacks
6. Andrew Miller, LHP, Univ. of North Carolina
7. Bobby Jenks, RHP, White Sox
8. Aaron Fultz, LHP, Phillies
9. Hector Carrasco, RHP, Angels
10. Chien-Ming Wang, RHP, Yankees
11. Matt Murton, OF, Cubs
12. Jason Vargas, LHP, Marlins
13. Paul Maholm, LHP, Pirates
14. Adam Everett, SS, Astros
15. Greg Golson, OF, Phillies
16. Chuck James, LHP, Braves
17. Craig Hansen, RHP, Red Sox
18. Ronny Cedeno, SS, Cubs
19. Mike Jacobs, 1B, Marlins
20. Carlos Gonzales, OF, Diamondbacks
21. Chris Ray, RHP, Orioles
22. Edison Volquez, RHP, Rangers
23. Cesar Carrillo, RHP, Padres
24. Anibal Sanchez, RHP, Marlins

See what I mean? Hard-core! My other picks were: Russ Martin, Chris Volstad, Joey Devine, Jeff Fiorentino, Fernando Nieve, Eric Reed and Stephen Head. Not sure how I did, and this year is not going to be pretty, but look for me to be competitive by 2007 and win by ’08…

The main reason I wanted to share this with you is that for all of you Minor League nuts out there, the true prospect hounds, have faith. There are leagues for you out there. Just be patient and you can put all your scouting information to good use at some point.


Glad to see you’re jumping on board the sim train. My sim league, playing Strat-O-Matic, is fairly similar with 16-teams and a 75-man roster.

I’ve had Salty since he was drafted by the Braves and somebody actually grabbed Justin Upton when he was in 8th grade.

In MWBL….Prospects must get a card(1 major league AB or 1/3 of an IP) within 3 years of drafting him or he goes back into the draft. This helps keep a reasonable number of prospects available each year so that new owners like Mayo have a chance when they take over a horrible team. : )

Hardcore. That’s awesome.


Carlos Gonzales??? Don’t the D-Backs have the likes of Chris Young and Carlos Quentin blocking his path?

Just giving you a hard time! Sounds like a fun league! I would love to get involved in a league like that! Good luck!

Take it Back – that’s an interesting plan. Keeps the focus on those that will help you “relatively” soon rather than grabbing up too-many babies.

I can see us considering something like that in the future. Scary to look at the top-100 for high school and college from BA and seeing a lot of names already on rosters.

What game do you use? I’m trying to check out your Web site (love the look btw) and a lot the pieces aren’t clickable.

The Mid-West Baseball League is a 24 team (APBA) Baseball for Windows League, which has 24 Franchise Owners, across the United States. Each Member of the Mid-West Baseball League has rights to their franchise & players. All franchises consist of 38 man Major League Roster, and a 12 man Minor League Roster. The MWBL is for the General Manager who does his homework. With 24 Highly Competative Franchises, and a very deep Minor League System, including the top 250+ Minor League players, College, & High School Kids who are already drafted, this League is for the most dedicated owners.

For More Information on

the MWBL go to:

Or E-Mail the Commissioner at:

The MWBL website has some difficulties when viewed using the Firefox browser(I’m assuming this is what browser you use). I recomend installing the IE Tab extension for Firefox(loads pages as IE pages within the firefox browser). This wil solve your problem.

Thanks guys. I figured it out and enjoyed a view of the site. Gave me some ideas for revamping the United League of Moderate Games site!

The MWBL is hardcore, but the United League takes to the next level.

We’ve got 16-teams drafting 75-man rosters, with 25-30 of them playable, the majority of successful teams will have 35-40 minor leaguers under contract each season.

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