Fan Top Prospects

Sorry for the delay in posting…been working too hard in figuring out my waiver wire picks for the league mentioned below.

Got to prep for the big show today, so I’ll be brief for now. As we’re now getting into Spring Training, I’m going to try my darndest to post more frequently and I’ll be back soon to talk about some of the prospects causing an early buzz.

For now, though, I’ll call attention to something cool we’re doing on It’s a Fan prospect rating. In addition to my Top 50 rankings, due out in late March, you get the chance to weigh in. Just send an email to with your Top 10 prospects list. The list should include players from both leagues who are still prospects — guys like Felix Hernandez who lost rookie status are no longer eligible. I’m dumping everyone’s top 10 into a big spreasheet to come up with an aggregate fan list that you’ll be able to compare and contrast with what I get from those in the scouting industry. We’ve gotten a ton of responses so far, but the more the merrier…so get your list in now.

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