Introducing…Lisa Winston

The ATM blog just got about 1,000 times better, people. From this point forward, Lisa Winston, who has covered the Minor Leagues as well as anyone for Baseball, then Sports Weekly, has joined the family. In addition to her co-hosting Around the Minors when it goes to four days a week (every day but Wednesday), 12-1 p.m . ET in April, she’ll be doing plenty of writing and, you guessed it, plenty of blogging. This means two things: 1. This will become a much more active blog and 2. We’ll debate the top issues around the Minor Leagues on a regular basis. Hopefully, that will stir you to add your comments and come back early and often. There’s no question that this will quickly become the No. 1 Minors blog on the internet, so start making this the first place you look each and every day. Hope you’re all as excited as I am to add Lisa’s voice to ATM — Jonathan

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Welcome to Lisa…everyone here in the MLBlogs community probably has ready countless stories by her in USA Today Sports Weekly. Looking forward to the journey.


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