How do I keep up?

OK, clearly it’s going to be a struggle keeping up with Lisa on the word count front…

A word on the Cubs race for No. 5. I agree in general that the only way Guzman wins that job is if he’s deemed healthy. But I don’t think Hill gets the gig  because he’s got big league time. He wasn’t all that impressive in his callup and his command has always been an issue (well, at least until last year). Guzzie He hasn’t helped himself this spring by walking six and hitting three in nine innings. Of course, Guzman hasn’t been much better. I think this one may come down to who finishes stronger, who pitches well in that first start or two in Iowa or, quite simply, who’s turn comes up on April 15, the first day the big league club will need a No. 5 starter. My vote still goes for Guzzie, especially if Mark Prior is out for an extended period of time.

One last thing…if Dusty Baker considers the young pitchers on the Cubs staff his kids, I think someone needs to call social services. I certainly wouldn’t nominate him for father of the year. — Jonathan

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