Top 50 post-op

By now, most of you have either watched the Top 50 prospects show (you can watch it now if you’d like) or read through the list. Many of you have had plenty to say about guys who didn’t make the list. We appreciate all the mail and you can keep sending in suggestions/complaints to Keep a watch out for a special Top 50-related mailbag on soon.

But don’t think that you’re the only ones who wish certain guys were on the list. Both Lisa and I have some "favorites" we would’ve liked to have seen make the Top 50. I’ll stand by the list, for sure, but there certainly are guys we both liked that in a perfect world, would’ve been on there. With that in mind, here’s what we both had to say about a favorite omission:

Jonathan: If I had to pick one guy I wanted to see on the list, it’d be Josh Barfield. Part of it is a position scarcity thing — there just aren’t that many really good second basemen around (you could make a similar case for Ian Kinsler over in Texas). Part of it is because he won the second base job for the Padres by hitting .392 and slugging .745 this spring. And part of it is that he’s good, plain and simple. He’s actually been on the list in the past and I think his subpar 2004 season in Double-A had some people moving him down on their lists. But he rebounded after a slow start last year to hit .310 in Triple-A, right in line with his .300 career average. He’s also a guy who should hit double-digit homers and steal 20 bags a year.

Lisa: While I’m not saying there is anyone I would have left off of this 50, one player I would have had in mine would be Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier, whom the club acquired from Oakland for Milton Bradley in one of the steals of the off-season. The 2005 Texas League MVP, Ethier can hit for average and power and his makeup is off the charts. The rich got richer with this trade and while they have two outfield stud prospects in Joel Guzman and Matt Kemp, Ethier is the one who is closest since Guzman is making the transition from shortstop and Kemp is still raw, having focused more on basketball than baseball in high school.

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