Day one from the Big Easy

The first full day here in New Orleans was certainly eventful. I headed to Zephyr Field and did the first in-season version of Around the Minors. In case you didn’t get the memo, we’re four days a week now, 12-1 ET, every day but Wednesday. So we’ll be on tomorrow as well, me from Zephyr Field again, Lisa from Bowie’s media day. I promise a good time will be had by all.

I’ve only been to New Orleans once before, a few years back when the Winter Meetings was here. The French Quarter is a different animal for sure. The strange thing after wandering around the last day is how desolate it is. I don’t want to paint a bleak picture because the Quarter is one area that wasn’t hit hard by the hurricane and there’s been a lot done in the city to get it back to close to where it once was. But the fact of the matter is there aren’t that many people around. A lot of places, landmarks in some cases are closed up or not open as regularly as they used to be. I did find good coffee (with chickory, of course) this morning and good food is still easy to find.

That’s what makes what the Zephyrs are doing that much more impressive and important. The fact that they committed to staying here, and right from the get-go, should really be commended. They worked their tale off to get the stadium ready for Opening Day (check out the story soon on And the city should come out in full force to support the lone professional team to play here all season long. I’ll have more on the Zephyrs over the next couple of days, especially when I accompany them on a tour of the city on Wednesday morning.

I also made it over to the renovation project at the Boys&Girls Club (read about the project   and then donate to it here). It was simply amazing to see not only the Magical Builders’ plan being put into action, but seeing all these volunteers using every ounce of energy to try to make this place usable for the 250+ kids it will service this summer (By the way, Hands On Networking is one heckuva organization. They’re providing 15 volunteers every day for this project and do this all the time in the Gulf Coast and around the country.). To be around people truly making a difference, with no real benefit to them, is truly inspiring. And that’s rare in today’s day and age.



Glad to hear the Z’s are doing well down N’Awlins way.

Next time you are in the Quarter, stop in at Johnny’s Po-Boy and have a shrimp, dressed, and put some hot sauce on that bad boy! The Judge Bosetta Special is awesome, too!

Lunchtime only, before 4 or so, on St. Louis St. between Chartres and Decatur.

Yeah, you right!

Man, wish I saw this when I was down there, though I ate well. I’ll remember next time!

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