Ft. Wayne, Here I Come

Kevin Czerwinski continues to pinch-hit for He Said, She Said from Dayton, Ohio, before making the trip to Fort Wayne.

Well, before I leave Dayton I had the chance to speak with South Bend
pitcher Ryan Doherty. For those of you who don’t know Doherty, he’s hard to
miss. At 7-foot-1, he’s believed to be the biggest pitcher ever to take the
mound but you know how those "biggest, smallest, angriest" whatever monikers
work. It’s a great deal of supposition and never much fact to substantiate the
In any event, as I shook his hand [which was the size of both my hands put
together] I was reminded of a day earlier in my career when I worked for The
Reporter Dispatch
, which is what the Gannett newspaper based in White
Plains, NY used to be called. It seems like a lifetime ago but back then I
covered some NBA and had the chance to interview Manute Bol. And as big Doherty
is, he’s go nuthin’ on old Manute, whose leg was bigger than my entire body.136428
Until something changes, my plan is to write about Doherty for our Faces on
the Field section which will run every Tuesday, beginning next week. Check it
out if you get the chance.
I leave for Fort Wayne in the morning and I can’t help but think of one of
my favorite television characters every time Fort Wayne is mentioned. I am a
child of the Seventies and watched M*A*S*H religiously on network television and
still do in reruns. So, it’s no wonder that I know Frank Burns is from Fort
Wayne, Indiana, a fact which has been making my smile for the last several days.
Am I a geek? Sure. But when I got off the plane in Toledo on Wednesday I
half expected to see a statue of Corporal Klinger or at least drive down Jamie
Farr Memorial Highway somewhere. I actually got to meet Larry Linville, who
played Burns, before he succumbed to cancer a few years back. My wife, Wendy,
was his agent and we got to see him perform a few times in local theater
So here’s to you ferret face. Fort Wayne here I come.
See you over the weekend.

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