Introducing Mr. Smith

Kevin Czerwinski continues to pinch-hit for He Said, She Said from Fort Wayne.

I wrapped up the Fort Wayne portion of my trip today by watching Daryl Jones put
on a clinic at Memorial Stadium. The slugging first baseman/designated hitter
went 4-for-4 today with a long homer and five RBIs. At 19, he?s still young and
raw and the Padres aren?t quite sure how quickly he?ll be able to put all
aspects of his game together or whether he was even ready to take on the
challenges of the Midwest League this season. So far, though, he hasn?t had any
problems, going 7-for-11 with two homers and six RBIs. The homer he hit on
Sunday was a titanic shot that landed some 450 away from home plate, bouncing
through traffic on Coliseum Boulevard before coming to rest on the far side of
the four-lane highway. This kid has awesome potential and it would be nice to
see him continue to play well all season.

one thing I?ll take from my stay in Fort Wayne, aside from the rude people in
the neighboring hotel room who woke me up at 1 a.m. Sunday, was how the press
box was infested with ladybugs. Not that I minded, ladybugs are after all,
ladybugs and they?re friendly and fun. But the place was crawling with them,
literally. One stadium official seemed very concern, saying that they pay so
much attention to keeping the field in shape they lose sight that the rest of
the building needs care as well. To that end, he predicted an exterminator would
visit before the next Wizard homestand.

it?s off to Toledo in the morning and my first look at the Mud Hens? beautiful
park. The Triple-A All-Star game will be played there this season and the folks
in Toledo are already gearing up for it. See you tomorrow from the town that Max
Klinger put on the map.

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Nice to see Daryl get recognition for turning it on after two pretty brutal years in short-season ball. He and “Gigantor” Kyle Blanks make a nice 1B/DH platoon and look like they might help redeem an otherwise dreadful 2004 draft for the Padres.

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