Why I Love To Blog

Hi everyone … Lisa here …
I think it?s safe to say I was born to blog.

For whatever reason, wherever I go, whatever I do, I always seem to have an internal running commentary on it. All too often, though, I let that stream of consciousness flow out of my mouth for lack of an alternate receptacle.

As a result, as you might guess, there are people who think I am a blaaaaaaaabbermouth.

But blogging is awesome because it gives me an opportunity to write about the things I see, hear, think. And if you think it?s interesting, great! And if you don?t, you can go on to the next blog without being forced to listen to me with your eyes glazing over.

Unless you?re my daughter, in which case you?re stuck, because you?re probably in the passenger seat while I?m driving and blabbing.

So one of the many perks of my amazing new job is that I not only get to blog, it is one of my job requirements! (Please don?t tell my bosses that I would pay THEM to get to blog. Thanks.).

Last week I hit the Frederick Keys game against the Salem Avalanche on Monday night (and, sadly, missed their game the following Wednesday afternoon, when Radhames Liz combined with three other Keys pitchers for a no-hitter. You can read me whine about that in my Baseball Perspectives column).

I actually remember when Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick was built (don?t I sound ancient when I say that?). I covered the Prince William Cannons (now the Potomac Nationals) in the Carolina League for a little over three years, and that first year, 1989, they were just building Grove and the Keys, in their first season, played their home games at McCurdy Field, an American Legion stadium.

Grove was among the first of the new minor league stadiums that went new and modern but with a sort of old-fashioned feel. They also added a carousel in right field (which their sister stadium, Prince George?s, in Bowie also has), which made it a little more palatable for my daughter when I dragged her along to work with me.

In fact, those two stadiums, with shared ownership and a shared parent affiliate in the Baltimore Orioles, have a lot in common.

Including, apparently, an obsession with dental hygiene.

One of the ?featured characters? at Bowie is Mr. Bristles, a big walking toothbrush that roams the stands. Frederick, meanwhile, has a character that is either Mr. Molar or Ms. Molar (there was a press box debate on this subject since it goes by the name of Mr. Molar but has eye makeup and long eye lashes), an oversized tooth.

Apparently the two teams? front office staffs are planning a softball game at some point this season. I can only hope that they will feature some sort of showdown between the two characters, perhaps during the seventh inning stretch (or is it a fifth-inning stretch during a softball game?), maybe a race around the bases or, better yet, a bubble-blowing contest!

You can?t make this stuff up, folks.

Another local stadium that holds a lot of memories for me is Hagerstown. Built in 1931, it is technically the oldest park in the league and it looks it. Not that it is without its charm. Far from it. But it definitely has that feel of an American Legion field rather than a big-money professional stadium. The press box is tiny and wooden and looks like it would sway in a hard wind and have a maximum capacity of about six people.

There has long been talk of getting a new ballpark there and I hope it works out, because the Suns club deserves it. They always have had creative promotions, knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans and great ballpark food.

In fact, the first time I went there was back in 1990 when they were a Double-A affiliate of the Orioles in the Eastern League. I was pregnant that summer which means it was the one time in my life where I could eat whatever I want with no guilt (I am a member of the Our Lady of Perpetual Diet faith). The Suns had an outdoor griddle where they made fresh funnel cakes. I ate two. It may have been the highlight of my pregnancy, apart of course from that whole birth thing.

Plus, there are few areas more beautiful than that region of Maryland surrounding Hagerstown, mountainous and green. Oh, and did I mention a terrific outlet mall one exit up the highway?

(By the way, just in case you were wondering, this blog-love works both ways. I LOVE to read other people?s blogs. I have a whole folder bookmarked with blogs of people I?ve never met — and a few I have — that I read regularly, some baseball, some pop culture, some by local Washington, D.C.-area bloggers, particularly those that write about the local music scene.)


Lisa: Did you write for the Daily Targum in the late 80’s – early 90’s?

Hi David (Lisa here responding) … I’m flattered that you think I could have been in college in those days🙂 … No, didn’t write for the Targum (though I do have some Rutgers connection in my family and did get to see Eric Young play center field for the Scarlet Knights!!!)

By the way, you aren’t by any chance the David Berger who writes the Moebius Trip blog, are you???

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