Bloggers of the Week

I bet you thought we had forgotten you. Well, we hadn’t.

I wanted to let everyone in on a neat little segment we’ve started on our radio show, Around the Minors (ATM), which airs on MLB Radio Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12-1 p.m. ET.

Each Tuesday, we’ve been bringing on a blogger who writes about the Minor Leagues, be it about the Minors in general or a specific team’s system. So far we’ve had three bloguests. Here they are, with audio links as well as links to their blogs. Take a listen, check out their blogs, and write in with your vote of who the best "Blogger of the Week" has been so far, based on the content on their blogs and the substance of their radio appearances.

1. Dan Quon. Quon on Minor League Baseball. Appearance on ATM: April 25.

2. Brian Oliver. Nationals Farm Authority. Appearance on ATM: May 2.

3. Seth Stohs. Seth Speaks. Appearance on ATM: May 9.

There you have it. Vote early and often. We’ll report the results on the air soon. Next show is Thursday at noon eastern. "See" you then. — Jonathan



i vote for Seth Stohs of

Seth Stohs is the best darn blogger this side (or any side) of the Mississippi! My vote is for Seth Stohs of

vote for seth

Seth Speaks is hands down the best. I can’t get through the day without reading him.

Seth’s was the best as I like the personal touch of why he started doing a blog. Very interesting

Seth’s the best! I read him every day, even when the Twins ****, which they’ve been doing frequently this year. Imagine how good he’d be if he had a good team to write about.

I know Seth Stohs. Seth Stohs is a friend of mine. You, sir are no Seth Stohs. Seriously -it’s gotta be the best Northern Minnesota Blogger on the planet Seth Stohs.

I vote for Seth Stohs, I am a Yankee fan and still read his stuff. Very insightful

Seth is a blogging machine — synthesizing information on the Twins system that you can’t get anywhere else.

Seth is “the man.”

Brian Oliver was the best by far! He demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the Nat’s system.

Brian Oliver gets my vote. I’m not a big Nats fan but he was great.

I would like to vote for Seth.

I vote for Seth

Seth is the best.

My vote is for Seth, I personally know how much time he spends on his website and blogging, and I saw first hand how much of a hyper boost he had after he did the show! Seth deserves it!

My vote is for Seth. Great minor league coverage.

random comment:

I was looking at the 2006 Draft order and shouldn’t the #62 overall pick belong to the METS and not the Yankees?

The Mets gave up #18 for Wagner, but he was their only free agent signing who was offered arbitration.


Hey there! I enjoy your Blog and your show on MLB radio

I am a guy that has caught 4,688 baseballs between Major League & Minor League regular season games, playoff games, World Series Games, Spring training games and workouts!

2,768 of those have been caught at Major League Regular season games (includes playoffs and world series) and of those 99 are Game Home Runs including Sosa’s 61st in 98, Bichettes 1st ML HR, Winfield’s 450th, The last roof shot at Old Comiskey park, Bob Boones 100th career HR and others!

Check out my MLBlog at

ooops …I vote for Seth too!

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