June 2006

No mistakes by the lake

SalasgJonathan here…I just got back from Eastlake, Ohio and Classic Park, the hosts of the 2006 South Atlantic League All-Star Game. And quite the hosts they were. It’s a beautiful place to watch a ballgame, a park in just its fourth year of existence. And the talent on-hand was definitely something to behold, with top prospects galore. Pitching ruled the day, with 22 total strikeouts and just eight combined hits.

I’m not easily impressed by Home Run Derbies at this point — I’ve seen too many — and the one they had on Tuesday started very, very slowly. But then it picked up. And as is often the case, the guy who really wowed ’em didn’t win the whole thing. Brewers 3B prospect Mat Gamel, who claims he’s not a power hitter, went off for 15 homers in the second round of the thing. The crowd, kind of quiet up until that point, woke up and erupted. It was good fun, and Brewers fans should keep an eye out for Gamel’s quick left-handed bat in the next few years.

That was just one of three All-Star Games from Tuesday night and you can check out our All-Star Game page to read up on the Texas League and Midwest League games as well. So if you’re jonesing for All-Star action and don’t want to wait for MLB’s All-Star Weekend (by the way, the Futures Game rosters were also announced), this is a good way to make the time go more quickly.

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