July 2006

She lives!

I have no excuse but am going to give one anyway ? until this past week,
I?ve been working on a MAC computer. And while MACs have their advantages (or so
I was told before I bought it about a year ago), it does not ?play nicely? with
other computers. Or at least mine didn?t. Or at least mine didn?t with the
firewall and communications system I have here at home. So whenever I tried to
post a blog (and I swear I DID try!!!), it would take an hour to figure out how
to get it onto the website and as often as not I just couldn?t do it, throwing
my hands up in disgust and giving up. Now I have this nifty new computer that
seems to play nicely with other communications devices. But, apparently, not
this one. So from now on for ?He Said, She Said? (now retitled ?He Said
Occasionally, She Said Even Less Often?) Jonathan is going to be my go-to guy.

Finally recovering from my Amazing Journeys to Lakeland, Little Rock, Salem, Pittsburgh and Toledo. I do
love to travel so it was great fun but I admit I?m glad to have about a week or
so to just be home every night and sleep in my own bed (next week takes me to
New York and Charleston, WV, and then I head to State College for a day the week
after that to watch Jonathan make his Minor League managerial debut! Stay tuned
as I am sure hijinks will ensue, hopefully not including his first Minor
League ejection!)

Even this week, while I?m home, I have plans to hit four Minor League
games, weather permitting ? I?m especially excited to finally get to see ?Little
EY? when Asheville comes to Hagerstown (unless, with my unerring luck, the
Rockies promote him to Modesto in the next few days).Eyjr

?Little EY? is, of course, Eric Young Jr. And how old, how REALLY old,
do I feel that I actually covered his dad when HE was in college. ?Big EY? (who,
at about 5-8, isn?t that big either) was the starting center fielder at
Rutgers (where he was also the star wide
receiver for the football team ? go Scarlet Knights!). I was covering
Fordham University at the NCAA Northeast Regionals in
New Britain, Conn., at my first newspaper job. When Fordham got eliminated (after coming oh-so-close to upsetting
defending champion Stanford, which went on to win the CWS title), I stuck around
and did the PA announcing for the next game, Rutgers vs. Clemson. And I fell in baseball love with the
speedy center fielder who seemed to hit everything into the gap for extra bases
and raced all over the outfield to track down every ball.

I followed EY Sr. through his climb through the Dodgers system and then
through his well-traveled Major League career. I remember talking to him about
his young son, who was like maybe 10 years old at the time. EY was so proud of
him. He got straight A’s and played three sports and played the saxophone.

And now that little kid is leading the Minors in stolen bases, following
in his dad?s very speedy footsteps. And I can?t wait to see him play this
weekend. So Rockies, if you?re reading this,
please don?t call him up until next week, OK? Thanks.

Your friend, Lisa.

Is this thing on?

So evidently, blogs don’t update themselves. You have to go and do it yourself. You learn something new every day.

Since it’s been a month since Lisa or I have touched this thing, I could write forever…but I won’t. We’ve been travelling all over the Minors lately, covering All-Star Games and regular games. Just since that last post at the SAL All-Star Game, here’s a list of locales and events we’ve covered:

Little Rock, AR — Texas League ASG (Lisa)
Salem, Va. — California/Carolina League ASG (Lisa)
Pittsburgh, Pa. — Futures Game (Lisa and Jonathan!)
Toledo, Ohio — Triple-A ASG (Lisa)
Altoona, Pa. — Eastern League ASG (Jonathan)
Akron, Ohio — ATM video shoot (watch it next Wednesday — Jonathan)

I was just in Akron a few days  ago. My first time to Canal Park. It’s a nice one, though it could use some updating. And I got to see Adam Miller pitch, a treat in and of itself.

The main reason I finally got back to the blog here is I want to plug someone else’s blog. And he’s likely to be a heck of a lot more active then we’ve been. Giants prospect Kevin Frandsen just started his own personal blog, Frannie on the Farm. He’s been up and down, riding the Fresno-San Fran shuttle and should give a lot of insights into what it’s like for a prospect on the cusp of making it to the bigs. So check it out and leave him some comments.

OK, I’m out. Be sure to listen to Around the Minors today on MLB Radio at 12 p.m. ET. We’ve got PCL prez Branch Rickey to talk about the Triple-A Championship Game and Reds first-round pick Drew Stubbs.

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