We PITY the fool

By now, we’re hoping you know that PITY stands for Pitcher of the Year. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been throwing names out there on the ol’ radio show, Around the Minors (still heard, by the way, on MLB Radio every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12-1 p.m. ET).

So, here it is late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. But we didn’t want to wait any longer than necessary to start getting your votes on who you think the overall Minor League Pitcher of the Year is. You can either comment down below or send an email to radio@mlb.com, with a subject line of MINORS and we’ll tally the fan vote.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the pitchers we’ve unofficially nominated for PITY in 2006 (they are listed in order of when we brought them up on the show):

Matt Garza, Twins
Jason Hirsh,
Chuck Lofgren, Indians
Yovani Gallardo, Brewers
Kevin Slowey, Twins
Scott Elbert, Dodgers
Brian Anderson, Giants
Scott Lewis, Indians
Jason Windsor, A’s
Sonnanstine, Devil Rays
Matt Maloney, Phillies
Will Inman, Brewers
Philip Hughes, Yankees

Happy voting all! Vote early and often.


Isn’t Phil Hughes suppose to be on the list, too?

Oops, you’re right. I’m adding him now. Thanks.

Hi Lisa!
I’m assuming your the same Lisa that went to school with Billy!! I wanted to thank you for the great interview you did with him!! Sounds like your both doing “jobs” that you love!!

Peggy (Masse) Colby

After careful consideration, I’m still a Garza guy. He’s gotta get it.

Um, even if I wasn’t living in Cincinnati, I’d have to question leaving off Bailey. He, Hughes and Gallardo are killing Double-A at age 20, and you can’t have two without the third imo. I won’t lobby hard for Adenhart (peripherals aren’t breathtaking) but he’s had a nice year too.

Matt Maloney.

Although Garza is impressive, Philip Hughes had to also contend on a daily basis with the “future of the Yankees” label, so in addition to his great work in 2006, that extra-pressure intangible gets my vote. A close 2nd goes to Will Inman, whose maturity level is amazing, with a baseball mentality and tools to be a stud for years. Not many know about this guy yet, but all he does is win and keep runners off base. Still just a pup, but a fast-track to the Show is on the table for this guy.

— The Guru

I really don’t understand how Gallardo’s stats overmatch Hughes’.

YG: 5.96 IP/G

PH: 5.61 IP/G

YG: 6.04 H/9

PH: 5.67 H/9

YG: 2.96 BB/9

PH: 2.10 BB/9

YG: 10.92 K/9

PH: 10.36 K/9

YG: 3.69 K/BB

PH: 4.94 K/BB

YG: 1.86 ERA

PH: 2.16 ERA

YG: 1.00 WHIP

PH: 0.86 WHIP

YG: .192 BAA

PH: .179 BAA

YG: 13 AA starts

PH: 21 AA starts

Gallardo’s ERA is 0.3 lower, okay. And he has a slighty higher K/9…Hughes has H/9, BB/9, K/BB, WHIP, BAA, more innings at AA. Innings are only nine apart so if Hughes was on a pitch limit June 23rd-on, I’m assuming Gallardo was also on a pitch count since both had the same # of starts with 26. Both 20, etc. If Gallardo’s on the “short-short” list, I don’t see how Hughes isn’t even if you’re looking at the stats with no names and you had no clue about top prospects. Don’t get me wrong, I could see how people would take Gallardo but you can’t knock Hughes’ and say he’s only getting votes because of his name and being the Yankees’ top prospect.

So, with that said, my top three are Garza/Hughes/Gallardo(Not in any special order).

Also, I was wondering…

Is there a better way to judge strikeout rates other than K/9?

Because, if a pitcher allows more baserunners…there’s more chances to strike someone out. If you strikeout the side but face seven batters because you walk three, your K/9 is still 27 but if another pitcher strikeouts one or two but only faces the three scheduled batters, his K/9 isn’t as high as the first guy but he got the job done with fewer pitches and the same result but if given the chance, he could very well strikeout two more men if he faced the same # of batters.

Maybe I’m just wrong in my thinking.

Anyways, I’ll stop bugging everyone. Have a nice day.(err, night)

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