Nothing to see here …

Lisa here …

Well, seeing as how it’s an off day in Arizona, I’m hoping my co-host Jonathan has taken the day off from worrying about how his "beat the streak" representative is doing and is just enjoying a beautiful brisk fall day in Pittsburgh.

I, on the other hand, think I may have FINALLY solved the summer-long mystery surrounding my inability to post on these blogs (or most message boards, making me a very incommunicado kinda gal this year which as you can imagine I HATE) …

So this is just a testing testing Watson-can-you-hear-me kind of post here … and if it works, well, woo hoo, look for more soon!!!

Meanwhile, need I say that I am counting the days until I return once again to Arizona (one week from tomorrow!!!) … this time I am SO going to Don & Charlie’s.

OK … let’s see if this baby works …


back to work! Breaks are for quitters! lol

Great coverage and insight as always guys.


Do you know where I can find a roster for the Aguilas del Zulia team. I am looking for a Dodger minor league player Ben Kozlowski. Minor LBB website shows he is asigned there. I have called Minor League Baseball in StPetersburg, the Jacksonville Suns where he played in the summer and emailed the Los Angels Dodgers and I have gotten no help.Thanks

Have you been to Don and Charlies yet? The one time I was there Willie Mays was sitting in the corner.

I see that Tyler Minges is still on the roster of the Pawtucket Red Sox. I’m pretty sure he was a free agent this year. Does anyone know where he is playing in 2007?


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