Not so lucky seven

So I was off yesterday, taking a break from Minor League ball to try to save our nation’s democracy (it worked, by the way). So I figured I’d play it safe in Beat the Streak and go with the guy hitting .424, Yunel Escobar. And he takes the collar. Even worse, he had a final chance in the ninth and walked. What’s up with that?

Oh well, so my streak is snapped at seven. On the bright side, both houses in Washington are now in the hands of the good guys (the views stated in this blog post are mine alone and do not represent the views of anyone else at — even though they should!). Today, I’ll give Tulo a try. I can’t win, but I want to finish off the season on a good note.

RobertcaseyjrAs for the star of the day, I’m going to go off the board and giveSherrod it to two new senators, Bob Casey Jr. here in my home state of Pennsyvlania, and Sherrod Brown in Ohio. The pair defeated Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine. And when I say defeated, I’m being kind. Casey trounced Santorum by more than 17 points and Brown ousted DeWine by nearly 12. Honorable mention goes to Jon Tester in Montana and Jim Webb in Virginia with a shout out to Jason Altmire for ousting Melissa Hart from the House.


Wow! I thought this was supposed to be a baseball blog. You have a right to support whom you want, but please use another site for your propaganda.

Hey Mayo would be interested to hear your take on the recent Sheffield trade and what the Yanks got in return. Do you expect the Yanks to actually keep these guys or package them in a deal for a proven vet?

Agreed. It’s great to have the country back in the hands of the good guys, and I’m glad you made that statement.

Keep the topic on baseball or get the **** off the internet

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