Our New Year Resolution (no, really!)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Lisa here … fresh off the first ATM show of 2007 … I hadn’t realized how much I missed our theme music!

Jonathan and I made up our list of New Year’s resolutions and above even losing that pesky 10 pounds by spring training (that’s my resolution, just like it is every year) and … well, whatever Jonathan’s resolutions were, we put at the very top to blog regularly here at "He Said, She Said."

We have a few ideas we’re looking forward to implementing, all interactive with our readers … including starting up a "Minor League travelogue" of sorts that folks can refer to if they’re planning a Minor League road trip. When we hit the road we’ll blog about sights and sites, restaurants, ballparks and other spots of interest and we hope that our readers will do the same … if you live in a town/city fortunate enough to host (or be near) a Minor League club, please share with us what visitors should be sure to check out!

We hope to get that started around spring training …

Meanwhile, the cybertwins will be back on the road together again this week as we head to Leesburg, Va., for the Rookie Career Development program. Stay tuned for lots of video footage of that event and hopefully a world’s record for player interviews … as well, of course, as our blog updates!

By the way, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our updates to our 2006 Organization Previews in the news archives of MiLB.com … it’s almost as much fun (OK, maybe even more fun) to read Jonathan’s take on the results as it is to read the predictions themselves.

If nothing else, it’s certainly made me start thinking about our picks for ’07 … so stay tuned.

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