My turn

OK, Lisa, I’ll see your 10 pounds and raise you 5. Let’s try to lose 15…but maybe by Opening Day?

Anyway, what good is a resolution if both of us don’t actually make an effort here? Lisa and I are here in Leesburg, Va. as the Rookie Career Development Program is under way. Day 2 is about to get started here and it’s simply amazing for a prospect geek like me (and I think I speak for Lisa, too) to be here where you have all of the best young players in the game in one place at one time. I sat at dinner with the Royals’ Billy Butler, the Giants’ Pat Misch, the Braves’ Chuck James and the Red Sox’ Brandon Moss.

I’m not here to name drop (though it’s fun). We’re going to be interviewing many of these guys for and for the varoius club.coms. In addition, we’re doing a 30-minute show on the Rookie Career Development Program, its history, its participants and what it hopes to accomplish. So stay tuned for that.

I was a little disappointed that the annual trip to the Capitol in D.C. was cancelled because of the opening of Congress. Last year, it was a real highlight, walking through those hallowed halls, watching all the young players in awe of the surroundings. Plus, Senator **** Durbin of Illinois spoke to the group and was very impressive. As much as I wish I could have gone again this year, I feel badly for this year’s participants for missing out. I know some were really looking forward to it. That being said, the rest of the program will be a tremendous experience for all of them.

One of the more interesting side stories here is that Ross Ohlendorf was sent to be a participant by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yesterday, it was widely reported that the Yankees and D-Backs had finally agreed on a trade. One of the prospects presumed to be in this deal was Ohlendorf, the right-hander out of Princeton. He’ll reportedly be joined by fellow pitcher Steven Jackson, shortstop Alberto Gonzalez and Major Leaguer Luis Vizcaino. Haven’t had the chance to chat with Ohlendorf, but I have to guess this is all a little surreal being here (with a nametag that says Arizona Diamondbacks on it, by the way). At least he can get to know Phil Hughes and Humberto Sanchez, who are here and will help Ohlendorf make up one of the deepest rotations in all of the Minors this coming season in Scranton.

Be back with more later…

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