Checking in from VA …

Lisa here …

The RCDP is just wrapping up and it’s been an exhausting, exhiliarating and, I think, really productive and educational experience for everyone involved … not just the 100-plus rookies (or almost-rookies) participating but also everyone else who has gotten to share in the experience.

Though it’s early January, when this neck of the woods is usually cold at best and frozen under at worst, the temperature this morning was a balmy 70 degrees. In fact, when I stepped out onto the terrace here, it smelled like spring training … call it baseball aromatherapy!

One of the definite highlights of the RCDP has been the participation of the Second City comedy/improv troupe from Chicago, which has brought many of the topics at hand to life for the players. I suspect there are a few guys here whose second calling might be acting or stand-up comedy if they weren’t such talented baseball players.

This has also afforded Jonathan and me a tremendous opportunity to talk to interview so many of the players one-on-one about their experiences here and during their baseball careers. Make sure to set aside a large chunk of time on Jan. 17 when not only will our half-hour video feature about the program run here on the and websites, but in addition you will be able to find individual interviews with a player from each and every Major League club linked directly from that team’s individual website.

Needless to say when we finished that last of the 30 interviews (Chuck James, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves for those who were wondering), it was all I could do to keep from letting out a huge "woo hoo!" at the accomplishment!

Tune in to our ATM show on Tuesday to hear more about the program!

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