Sitting here posting while looking out my window at the neighborhood covered in ice (whoops, there goes another one!), it just serves to fan the flames under those mental images of everyone in Arizona or Florida for spring training!

So let’s get right to it, my Five Faves for the Oakland A’s (Phoenix! Cactus! Warmth!) and Jonathan’s picks for the Mets (Port St. Lucie, Fla.! Palm trees! Ocean breezes! Warmth!)


OF Travis Buck

1B Daric Barton

C Kurt Suzuki

RP Marcus McBeth

OF Matt Sulentic

For me, I had Sulentic pretty much even with another intriguing ’06 draftee, OF Jermaine Mitchell … Sulentic is the power-hitting HS kid and Mitchell the speedy college guy … I like ’em both but this is Five Faves, not Super Six, so I kind of flipped a mental coin.


P Philip Humber

P Mike Pelfrey

OF Fernando Martinez

OF Carlos Gomez

P Alay Soler

Tune in Friday!!!


Met fan here. I was surprised to see Alay Soler’s name in the Fave-Five. Anyone think he can be a good major-leaguer still? I was expecting Mike Carp, Guerra, or Niese.

Your comment explains why I put him there. Sure, any of the three you listed would’ve made sense, and I think Baseball American has Guerra as the No. 5 guy in the system. But our “Five Faves” is not necessarily the top five prospects (however you define that). It’s five of the more interesting names in the system. Often, that will mean the top five guys, or at least 3 or 4 of them. But Lisa and I like to go off the beaten track and pick “intriguing” names. Thus, Soler, who has gone from having all this buzz as a Cuban defector signing a large contract who would help the Mets immediately to a guy who’s almost been forgotten and is never mentioned among the plethora of candidates for the No. 5 spot in the rotation. Makes for a good conversation piece, if nothing else.

As an A’s fan it’s nice to see a good draft with all the prospects moving on to the majors. 3 part questions, where do you see Cahill, Sulentic, and Mitchell starting the season, where might they finish the season and what kind of players do you think they can be in the long run?

Hi Trevor … this is actually Lisa responding despite the “Jonathan” link there … he’s kind enough to share his log-in with me …

I’ll start with what we’re pretty sure of already, which is that Sulentic and Mitchell are both expected to start the year at Class A Kane County. But Billy Owens, the As Director of Player Personnel, told us on ATM on Friday that he would be surprised if they dont move up during the season.

Both are outstanding prospects … Sulentic (with whom I share a birthday, though I am a few years older) is more of a pure hitter, a HS kid with LH power and great makeup though he’s a little undersized to project as a true power hitter per se. At 19 for all of 2007 he’ll be one of the younger kids in the MWL or Cali, if that’s where he moves.

Mitchell, three years older and a college draftee, is a prototypical leadoff hitter with tremendous speed and, Owens says, five-tool potential. Owens’ own words on Mitchell, one of the steals of the draft in the fifth round: “the sky’s the limit.”

Cahill was drafted ahead of the pair, the Athletics’ first pick overall and taken in the second round out of HS in Cali. He’s got the smarts (hello, was headed to Dartmouth) and great upside with at least two potential plus ML pitches in his FB and CB. But he’s still raw, didn’t start pitching until late in high school (a shortstop originally) and saw just four starts in the Arizona League so best guess is that he will probably stay back in extended and head to short-season Vancouver in June.

I’m obviously quite a bit late to the party here, but I wanted to get your opinion on where you see Michael Devaney ending up this season after two previous season’s of consistent solid outings?

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