Keep on keeping on…

…with the Phillies and Mariners. That’s who we’re talking about on Tuesday, provided my voice isn’t gone tomorrow. I’m gonna keep this brief since just about everyone in the family here in the Burgh (myself included) is under the weather. So here it is, your moment of zen…oh, wait. I mean, here they are, the Five Faves for the Phillies (me) and the Mariners (Lisa). Join us tomorrow on MLB Radio at 12 p.m. ET, won’t you?

Michael Bourn, OF
Carlos Carrasco, RHP
JA Happ. LHP
Greg Golson, OF
Matt Maloney, LHP


Adam Jones, OF
Jeff Clement, C
Brandon Morrow, RHP
Ryan Feierabend, LHP
Tony Butler, LHP


how close did guys like Chris Tillman and Josh Outman come to making it on the list? Also what about youngster Carlos Truinfel?

Did Scott Mathieson pitch his way off the Phillies’ list in his nine games in the majors, or is he just not a fave?

I’ll answer the Phillies questions and let Lisa talk about Tillman later…

I’ll start with Mathieson, Jesse. He actually is one of my faves, to tell the truth. But my thinking was since he’s not going to pitch any time soon following Tommy John surgery, I figured I’d leave him off and make room for someone different this year. Chances are, he’ll be back on there next year, especially if he comes back strong.

Outman also got consideration, especially since we could make Josh Outman-Will Inman jokes…I decided to go with Maloney mostly because he gets no respect, as people consider him too old for the level he was at in 2006. Of course, he’s only eight months older than Outman and it’s not his fault the Phillies never promoted him during the year.

Lisa here, Trevor …

Tillman got some consideration but simply didn’t make my cut for Top 5 … I would say there were a handful of guys on my bubble ahead of him (all I’ll say is that had we gone Super Six instead of Five Faves, OF Wladimir Balentien would be on here) …

Re: Truinfel/Triunfel (I’ve seen it spelled both ways so am going to defer to you or ask Frank Mattox about that later LOL) … great potential and a huge signing bonus for this five-tool kid from the DR but I am always leery of adding someone who is 17 and has yet to play a professional inning to a list like this, if for no other reason than out of respect for the top prospects who have already gotten a taste of the pros …

Check back next year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see both on the list!

Now go tune in🙂

Can you ask Frank Mattox who he believes out of the Latin prospects that might make it to Everett and Wisconsin this year?

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