Better Late Than Never

Hey there folks …

The variety of east coast bugs floating around slowed us both down a little bit in the last few days and so we apologize for not getting our pre-show Five Faves posted until just a few hours before air time … sorry if you’ve been sitting there hitting "refresh" every five minutes (please tell me you haven’t!)

Today we will be visiting with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Pittsburgh Pirates so here are the five faves we’ll be chatting about:


OF Delmon Young (please hold your gasps of shock until the end)

3B Evan Longoria

SS Reid Brignac

P Jeff Niemann

P Jacob McGee

There were SO many good young starting pitchers and a few other hitters that could easily have made this list as well, this should be a fun organization to watch and a fun one to chat about today …

BUT I do have to get my sleeper pick in here because as far as I’m concerned you just can’t talk enough about OF Fernando Perez. 7th round of 2004, probably headed to AA Montgomery (but is in big league camp for now). Pure CF, best speed in the system, great defense, just taught himself to switch hit last year so that is a work in progress. Has been his respective team’s MVP each of the last two years, in Visalia and Southwest Michigan respectively. He has the kind of tools you can’t teach and he also has something that any team, but especially the Devil Rays right now, need: star quality as a great role model. Charisma. Smarts. Is the last one staying to sign autographs for the kids. You get the picture. Baseball needs more Fernando Perez’es.


OF Andrew McCutchen (not such a bad role model himself and talk about a tool box!)

P Brad Lincoln

3B Neil Walker (yeah, 3B … we’ll talk more about that today)

P Yoslan Herrera

SS Brian Bixler

For sleeper, since poor Jonathan is ill and headed to Arizona, I’m gonna make a call here and go with OF Nyjer Morgan, one of the club’s good speedy CFs who can hit. Rajai Davis also qualifies for that category but I don’t think he’s really the sleeper that Morgan (a former high school ice hockey star in Canada) is. Morgan was added to the 40 this year and looks to be in either Altoona or Indianapolis to start the season but yet another .300 season with a bunch of steals could see him rise on that depth chart …


did Desmond Jennings get consideration as a sleeper pick? How good do you think Longoria can be? is there a possible move to 2B in the not too distant future or will he be sticking at the hot corner? will his bat allow him to be a possible all-star at 3B or will he be just below that level? Also what does Matt Walker’s future hold? or at least where is he projected to start this year as well as when might he show up in the bigs and what might his role be?

and the Bucco’s, has to be one of the worst farm systems in the league. McCutchen looks like he’s in the minority since he’s one of the few top pick to have not struggled or flopped. I’m sure it’ll be covered but I’d really like to know what other people think about Walker’s prospect status now that he’s made the move to the hot corner, I think it might improve his stock but that’s just my opinion. Were there any other names who drew consideration for the Pirates fave 5? Yoslan seems like a bit of a wild card and Bixler looks like he’ll be more of a utility kind of guy. Does this speak to the general weakness of the system overall or do you see one of those guys being better?

Concerning the Devil Rays, I don’t hear much about Jeremy Owens. This is a quality player and individual. Do you think he will be given an opportunity at Durham this year.

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