Rounding third and …

… we’re down to our last two episodes of "organization preview ATMs" and we’re throwing you a curve with this edition, as we temporarily skip past San Diego and bring you our San Francisco preview instead.

Don’t worry, Padres fans, we’re not leaving out the Friars, we’re just pushing them back to our preview finale on Tuesday, when we’ll check in with San Diego and Washington.

But for now, join us at noon eastern time to talk some Gigantes and some … well, how would you say Blue Jays in Spanish? Maybe I’ll just say it in Canadian. Blue Jays.



Tim Lincecum, RHP



-Esteve, OF

Kevin Frandsen, 2B

Emmanuel Burriss, SS

Eugenio Velez, SS/2B

Sleeper: RP Brian Anderson


Adam Lind, OF

Travis Snider, OF

Curtis Thigpen, C

Ricky Romero, P

Ryan Patterson, OF

Sleeper: 1B Chip Cannon


many people believe it’s Timmy and everyone else. How good can he be? what does his future hold? there has been some talk of him being moved to the bullpen in the long run, what do you think?

Snider looks like he could be a very impressive bat, some early talk that I’ve seen has him and Billy Butler in the same area talent-wise. while Snider is way more raw do you think he has the overall talent?

What’s the latest with Marcus Sanders? At the beginning of ’06 he was one of the top prospects for the Giants, now he doesn’t show up in the top 10.

Thanks for getting the Sanders question on the show.
Forgot to ask about Angel Villalona. Did he get consideration for your list of 5?

I didn’t get a chance to listen to the podcast till last night, but I gotta say I’m going to miss taking a hour out of my day to listen to you two cover the minors. with the blog and video stuff hopefully we’ll still be able to get our minor league fix.

on a different note, I’ve been trying to buy tickets to the 2007 futures game and it’s only letting me look at upper level tickets. Are they only selling those tickets to the public?

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