Is this really it?

Hard to believe that on Tuesday, we’ll tackle our last two organizations, the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres. Then we’ve got just the one final show on Friday and ATM, the radio show, will go the way of the dinosaur (Of course, if you’re Carl Everett, this reference will not make sense).

But I digress. We’ve had a blast breaking down all 30 farm systems and talking with those in the know — farm directors, field coordinators, Minor League managers — to get real insight into the top prospects team-by-team. We’ll do it one more time tomorrow. Not sure what we’re going to do on Friday, but we’re open for suggestions here. At any rate, here’s our Five Faves for the Nats (courtesy of Lisa) and the Padres (courtesy of Jonathan).

Collin Balester, RHP
Chris Marrero, OF
Colton Willems, RHP
Kory Casto, OF
Zech Zinicola, RHP

Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B
Cedric Hunter, OF
Cesar Carrillo, RHP
Matt Antonelli, 3B
Will Venable, OF


I can’t believe this is the last set already.

The Padres are one of my favorite teams, it’s good to see them adding some talent in the their farm system even if they’re still in the lower third of overall farm systems.

anyway on to the talent, what do you two think of the Kyle Blanks, Kyler Burke combo? what about youngster Aaron Breit, seems like he’s raw but I’ve heard real good things about him. I know he’s in the majors to stay most likely but but what do you think of reliever, Andrew Brown? chances of turning into a good 8th inning guy or will he dwell as a middle reliever?

Jeff Passan of yahoo sports had an article recently on Tim Lincecum. In it Bochy was quoted saying this:

“We want to break with our best 25. And he’s here in camp. We’re not ruling anything out, even though he’s only been here one year. We’ll see where we’re at when we get deeper into spring.”

do you think Tiny Tim really has a chance at starting the year in the Orange and Black? seems like a long shot to me. Is there a history of pitchers only getting 31.2 IP’s in the minors before reaching the bigs?

Who are you guys talking to from the Nationals? See if you can get a read on the health of a few guys. Willems was held to a strict pitch count in 2006 with a sore shoulder. Clint Everts, I believe, had some tendinitis issues coming off of his TJ surgery. Garrett Mock had knee surgery. Marrero dealt with viral meningitis.

What can you tell me about Chase Headley’s future with the padres after the signing of kevin kouzmanoff.

The Padres still think Headley’s got a bright future. He showed up to camp in outstanding shape and had put on some good weight during the offseason. I think the Padres will wait until they are forced to make a decision in terms of Headley and Kouzmanoff. Headley will play in Double-A and will likely need at least a year before he’s ready. By this time next year, we’ll have a better idea of how Kouzmanoff performs at the big-league level and how close Headley is. At that point, they could move Kouzmanoff to the outfield if necessary, as I think the Padres feel Headey is a better defensive third baseman, at least right now.

what can you say from the nationals international signee Esmailyn Gonzalez, ss is he as good as heard he is some people say he has a five tool potential.


Will Chris Snelling make the nationals 25 man roster ?


Sydney, Aus.

Answer to the question about Gonzalez:

Well, they spent a whole heck of a lot of money to sign him so I have to assume he brings a ton of tools and talent to the table, but since he has yet to play a game here and I haven’t seen him, I’ll hold off on any assessment of his ability until then …

Re: Snelling … I can only say that I hope he does. I think he’d bring a lot of energy and personality and aggressive play to the club and I have been dying to see what he would do in the Majors if he could stay healthy for any stretch of time.

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