Chomping at the bit

We’re just two days away from  Minor League Opening Day and needless to say, we’re a little excited to get the ball rolling here…

Let me give you some insight into all the things we have planned for our Opening Day coverage. First, we’ve got our journal writers. And what a lineup we’ve got. On he mound, we’ve got a pair of southpaws. There’s the Cubs’ Donnie Veal and the Blue Jays’ Ricky Romero. Offensively, a duo of outfielders join our squad: the Indians’ Trevor Crowe and the Yankees’ Jose Tabata. In addition, we’ll have the unique and insightful commentary of Devil Rays’ outfielder Fernando Perez.

Of course, it’s not just the players themselves doing the talking on Kevin Czerwinski has a column that will put everyone in the mood for baseball. Lisa Winston will bring us a Rule 5 recap and a look at some of the more intriguing names who’ll be pacing dugouts as Minor League managers in 2007. Yours truly has a run-down on where all of the 2006 first-round draft picks are headed to start the season.

And that’s just Wednesday.

On Opening Day itself, I’ll be in Dayton to check in on Drew Stubbs and company. Kevin C. travels to Scranton to check out that absolutely loaded rotation. And Lisa will be on blog duties all Opening Day, giving you up-to-the-minute updates on what’s going on all around Minor League Baseball. There are 59 Opening Day games on tap, so keep checking back here if you want the low-down on what’s going on nation-wide. —  Jonathan


what’s going on with the package this year?

Here’s what I know: We’ll have over 800 games as part of the package. It costs $29.95 for the whole season; $6.95 for the monthly pass; $3.95 for the daily pass; and $9.95 for team passes. The link to sign up for this should be up by Opening Day (Thursday).

a rule-5 recap and where 2006 draftees are going? you’re spoiling us, I’m sure Brandon Morrow will be discussed but I gotta say I don’t understand the move unless the M’s are 100% sure he can’t handle being a starter.

The 2006 draftee story has all 44 picks in the first and supplemental first rounds…and I agree with you about Morrow. That being said, as someone said to me yesterday who covers the M’s — and has for years — you shouldn’t have a guy in big league camp if you’re not going to give him the chance to make the team. Not sure I agree with that, but it’s a valid viewpoint. A lot of people saw Morrow as a future closer anyway, so maybe this is just shortening that learning curve.

I hope you enjoy the Dragons game. It’s too bad Opening Day isn’t part of my 17-game package, so I won’t be there to try and find you. You’ll probably be in the press box anyway. The Dragons have something going on between every half inning, so while you’re taking notes on the game, you might catch a Toddler Race. Hope you have a good time, and bring the Dragons a win.

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