Hey there everyone! Happy Opening Day!!!

Yeah, I know, that OTHER Opening Day was on Monday (or Sunday night for Mets/Cardinals fans) … but this is OUR Opening Day and we have quite a treat in store for you (at least in my humble opinion) …

I’ll be here at my beloved laptop all day and all night, blogging away on the goings on in all (at this count) 56 Opening Day games, keeping you posted on the whos, whats and whens …

Since I’m not a night owl, the late innings of those West Coast California and Pacific Coast League games may be a little dicey. If you see qawgtfhyjuiokpl; it just means I fell asleep on my keyboard. Don’t bother looking up the unfamiliar player name …

By the way, ID name notwithstanding, this is pretty much all SHE Said, SHE Said today/tonight. Hopefully Jonathan himself may check in from Dayton during/after his game …

And please post your comments and thoughts … not sure I’ll be able to respond to specific questions when all of the games are going on at once but I’ll do my best … and if you’re at a game yourself, PLEASE come back and share your thoughts and impressions …

Who do you think is going to be the team to watch this year? Who is your pre-season pick for Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Year?

On Opening Day, you can’t be wrong!!! (And I promise not to hold you to it later if you promise to do the same for me) …

OK, back in a few with my take on some baffling early-season scheduling decisions …

And the actual GAMETIME BLOGGING will get started when the first pitch is thrown in Indianapolis somewhere around 2 p.m.

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