And the answer is: VERY.

I got to cyber-see the first pitch of the 2007 Minor League Season, a ball by Indianapolis Indians (Pirates) southpaw Sean Burnett to Columbus Clippers (Nationals) second baseman Melvin Dorta, who proceeded to make the first out of the season by grounding out to second baseman Freddy Sanchez.

I know, not a name you expect to see in a Minor League blog, but he’s rehabbing the knee that landed him on the DL to start the season.

The host Indians had a promotion where they guaranteed "warmth" with a game time temperature of 60 degrees or higher. At a brrrrrrrrrrrrisk 34 at game time, looks like the folks at Victory Field will all be getting a free ticket to an upcoming April home game.

And how weird is it to refer to the Columbus Clippers as a Washington Nationals affiliate? I wonder how long it will be this season before I have all the new partnerships committed to memory …

First hit of the season, George Lombard’s two out bunt single …

Will keep you all posted on all the firsts. (This part is easy, with one game in progress until this evening.) 

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