First, this just in: The first home run of the 2007 Minor League season was hit by Larry Broadway, the first baseman for the Columbus Clippers. It’s a good sign for Broadway, who had come into spring training with a shot at the Washington Nationals’ starting first baseman’s job before that was filled by veteran Dmitri Young.

So in the bottom of the sixth inning, the score stands Indianapolis Indians 3, Columbus Clippers 1, as the season is officially underway.

Meanwhile, I have on-the-road updates for you from Jonathan Mayo in Dayton, and Kevin Czerwinski in Scranton …


While it?s quite nippy here in southwestern


, the plan is to play. I guess they?re not as soft here in


as they are in other parts? There is something very wrong intrinsically about driving through snow to go to an Opening Day game, but at least I?m going to see a game, which is more than folks who wanted to see some baseball in Portland, Maine can say. A few things to look out for in this Dayton-West Michigan matchup today. First is Reds? first-rounder Drew Stubbs. The center fielder has all the tools in the world and it will be fun watching how he puts it together in his first full season. Second,


starter Sean Watson was the Reds? second round pick last June. He was a closer as an amateur and came to pitching late. But unlike a lot of short relievers, he was never a maximum effort guy. With a smooth delivery and a real feel for pitching, the Reds are confident he can make the transition to starter.

One thing you can count on here is a full house, even with the cold weather. The Dragons have sold out every single game of their existence ? they?ll celebrate 500 straight later this month ? and today will be no different. I?ll check in with everyone later on tonight when the game gets going — Jonathan

And from KEVIN …

It’s coming up on 3:30 in Moosic and for the time being, the snow has stopped. It’s been coming down on and off all day and at times there have been whiteout conditions. Still, despite temperatures that are hovering around 32, there are no plans to call the game. While I understand this is a sellout — the first time since 1989 that Scranton/Wilkes-Barre has sold out a home opener in advance — it’s unfair to the fans to make them sit through this. It’s probably unfair to the players, too. Games have been canceled throughout the Northeast and even the Tigers bagged their game in Detroit because of the weather. Here’s hoping that the weather doesn’t make for a miserable evening.
As for the park itself, the new grass field looks light years better than the dirty, rock-hard turf that had been here while the SWB was affiliated with Philadelphia. Though the field is improved, the rest of the ballpark is still a grimy building with no charm.


Hey liza I just wanted to know if you were going to keep I eye on the south atlantic league it is deep league with a ton of prospect I am especially keeping an eye on the Greenville drive the red sox affiliate I like the prospects that are going to play there Jason place Lars Anderson and other.how good you think does guys are? I know they are young but what you think.

Hey Norbie!

Not only will we be keeping an eye on the Sally, but Greenville will be my very first road trip stop next week … I can’t wait to get to see Anderson play. And I think having a manager like Gabe Kapler, one of the all time class acts I have ever met in the game, is a huge plus for the club …

Keep an eye out tonight as well for me to blog about them when they get underway at 7 …

Well, I don’t know if we’re not as soft here in Dayton as they are in other parts, but you said it yourself, we’re sold out. Almost every seat is sold as season tickets (full season or 4 17-game packages), so if you don’t have a game, there is no way to trade the ticket for a seat at another game. The Dragons have to give you a refund. And once you’ve paid for a ticket, the Dragons are going to do everything they can to not have to pay you back, er.., make sure there is a game to be seen.

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