I woke up this morning to an already shortened schedule for my day, as the 59-game slate had already been reduced to 56 … oops, make that 55 … thanks to the cold front in the east/midwest.

  Gone from the schedule were the Richmond Braves at Buffalo Bisons, Connecticut Defenders at Portland Seadogs and Fort Wayne Wizards at Lansing Lugnuts, and the catfight between New Britain (Rock Cats) and New Hampshire (Fisher Cats) soon followed onto the snowy scrap heap.

  Buffalo will host a DH on Friday, Lansing will play two on Saturday (weather permitting of course) and the Portland and New Hampshire games will be made up this summer.

  Now, you may ask, Lisa, when the International League has teams in places like Richmond and Norfolk, why would they choose to open the season with those teams at Buffalo and Scranton (where it is currently snowing but the game has not YET been canceled) respectively?

  And the answer is … I don’t know.

  Now, in case you were wondering why there were only 59 games on the schedule instead of 60 when there are 120 full-season teams, it’s because Rochester hosts Ottawa tomorrow for its home opener. And I’ll let awesome longtime Red Wings beat writer Jim Mandelaro of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle share his thoughts on that from his own blog right here. Just scroll down to April 2’s "Snow Day" entry.

  But the good news for Mandelaro and his Red Wing fan readers is that the team will be loaded to start the season with a pretty much incomparable one-two-three punch of Matt Garza (’s Minor League Pitcher of the Year for 2006), Kevin Slowey (he of the 1.90 ERA and 158 strikeouts) and homegrown southpaw Glen Perkins, the Twins’ first-round pick in 2004. At least with pitchers like that the games should be quick.

  I was also sorry to see the New Hampshire game banged since they had a great promotion where they announced a special ticket offer for fans who would come out with shovels and help them clear snow from the field. Instead, if you are one of the first 1,500 fans at their 1:05 p.m. game this Saturday, you’ll get a Fisher Cats fleece blanket.


Hi Lisa,
I love your blog being around all day today. I wish i was going to be around to follow the action with you. I’m heading your way to see my wife’s beloved D-Backs play at RFK tonight. She almost doesn’t want to go because of the cold weather. What happened to the weather from earlier this week. I really, REALLY miss the twice a week ATMs and haven’t caught on to the bite-size format yet. I’ll have to give in though because i love you and JMs coverage. Every time this year, I also miss what used to be in your BW coverage(Major League Debuts). I loved those. Is MILB going to have BTS again this year?

Looking forward to a great Minor League season,

Jimmy In Richmond

Hey Jimmy!

Thanks for the note … you and your wife will be right up in my neck of the woods at RFK and I’ll be hoping that it warms up for you by gametime (I know, probably unlikely) … ironically, I was up in New York for family stuff when it was so gorgeous here for those two days …

Word is that Minor League BTS will be starting up on May 1 so that will give you a few weeks to scope out who you want to put your cybermoney on!

I’ll probably still be here blogging away when you guys get home from RFK anyway … about half of my fantasy team is on the Diamondbacks so I’ll probably be listening in as well …


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