Frozen Ohio

A while back, Lisa and I promised to use He said, She said as a travelogue during the 2007 season. We’re going to be visiting Minor League ballparks all around the country and wanted to give everyone an idea of what to look for around the Minor League landscape. So be sure to check back here for updates on a regular basis.

First stop: Dayton and Akron

I wish I had more to report on these two downtown stadiums in Ohio, but the weather put a damper — or should I say — freezer on any real exploring. And I only saw baseball in one of the two stops, with the game in Akron being colded out. But Fifth Third Field in Dayton still is one of the best ballparks in all of the Minors. It easily could be a Double-A stadium, at least and the Dragons have sold out every game since they began — I saw No. 497 in a row. Even with the cold weather, it was a nice crowd. One of the cooler things in this ballpark is the right-field fence, which is also a video board. With it being Passover, I can’t really comment on the ballpark fare, but it looked fairly standard. There is a local bar/restaurant — the Ice Box — right around the corner that offers decent bar food options.

I love Canal Park in Akron. Not only does it have the right look and feel for the post-industrial city, it’s helped revitalize a long-dormant downtown area. The Aeros, on paper, may have the best team in the Minors, so it’s worth heading there just to watch the Indians’ system’s talent flow through. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them play because of the weather. In fact, Akron’s entire opening series against Binghamton was cancelled.

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