Players of the Week

Hey, folks, just a quick note…Lisa and I are going to start  ATM: He Said, She Said Player/Pitcher of the Week Awards. They’ll be announced right here every Thursday or Friday. So if you have nominations for either every week, be sure to post comments and we will consider accordingly. Thanks! — Jonathan


I’d like to nominate the one and only Tiny Tim Lincecum, 5 IP, 2 hits, 3 walks, 8 K’s, and he’s pitching in AAA already.

I would like to nominate Dustin McGowan (Syracuse). 17 Ks in 10 innings pitched, 3BBs. Think about it…

Dave Rouleau

I’ll nominate Nathan Haynes of the Bees for his inside the park homerun. He has to be a speedster to accomplish that feat. Avg. is not bad either .417! He was so bad as a kid, he probably got fast running from his mother’s belt🙂.

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