FSL Marathon, redux

This comes from unofficial ATM correspondent Phil Lowry:

The Clearwater Threshers’ 4-1 FSL 20-inning win over the Tampa Yanks lasted 5 hours 14  minutes, and was the 165th minor league game to ever last 5 or more  hours. Current minor leagues have experienced this many such games: Appy 1,  Cal 9, Carolina 3, Eastern 11, Florida State 15, International 12, Mexican 6,  Midwest 8, NY-Penn 6, Northwest 2, Pacific Coast 11, Sally 10, Southern 12,  Texas 26.

The Tuesday night game was also the 200th minor league game to  ever last 20 or more innings. Current minor leagues have experienced this  many: Appy 1, Cal 7, Carolina 2, Eastern 10, Florida State 11, International 11,  Mexican 5, Midwest 7, NY-Penn 5, Northwest 2, Pacific Coast 15, Sally 12,  Southern 10, Texas 17. The granddaddy of all such games of course was the  Pawtucket Paw Sox, 3-2, International League, 33-inning win over Rochester Red Wings in 1981, which took 8 hours 25 minutes. Elapsed time was 8 hours 55  minutes because of a 30-minute power failure delay at McCoy Stadium in  Pawtucket.

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